qigong, mindfulness, REIKI in leeds and TADCASTER

Qigong (Chinese exercise) with Sue

Sue is an experienced teacher of Traditional Chinese exercise for health with an extensive knowledge of the art of Qigong (pronounced chee-gung). Her speciality is finding the right exercises for you! Many students want to be able to relax or manage stress and the natural mindfulness that comes with Qigong helps with that. 

Some classes have time devoted to MEDITATION.  My local class is half movement, half meditation and it is moving to a new venue in Tadcaster. If you want to try  meditation, there are FREE TASTER SESSIONS AT TADCASTER LIBRARY on Saturday 1st June. Contact Sue to book a place.

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Qigong classes

Classes are held on a weekly and monthly basis in Leeds and weekly in Clifford

Class details

Making time for meditation

Weekly class in Tadcaster. We use Qigong exercises to work on mindful movement and follow that with sitting (in chairs) for a guided meditation.

Contact Sue for information about any class

You're welcome to come along and try a class with no obligation. If you book a one to one class with me then your first class is at a SPECIAL HALF PRICE RATE.

Friendly professional expertise

Sue will work with you to find the best way forward in your current circumstances. 

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